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Introduction of Wood Crusher

Dateļ¼š 2012/3/4 20:51:11
Introduction of Wood Crusher

Brief introduction
The wood crusher also known as wood shredders, wood flour machine is a new type of wood flour production machinery and equipment. The equipment is small, high chipper quality, low power consumption, is suitable for flowing work, widely used in preparation steps of small and medium-sized particleboard and fiberboard manufacturing enterprises, wood crusher can also be used for the production of commodity wood chips by self-employed business.

Types of wood crusher
1. Small wood crusher.Crushing all kinds of wood, maximum14 cm in diameter, make about 300 kg wood powder per hour.
2. Medium-sized wood crusher, produce about 600 kg wood powder per hour, with timber maximum17 cm in diameter.
3. Large wood crusher, produce about 1000 kg wood powder per hour, with timber maximum20 cm in diameter.
Use of wood crushing machine
The powder of wood can be used on the processing of pine, hardwood, poplar, fir and the original bamboo. With small size, high chipper quality, low power consumption, is suitable for flowing work, widely used by self-employed business and many other businesses.

Wood crushing machine characteristics
Wood crusher is an ideal new type of mechanical equipment for the production of wood flour. Wood crushers can simply processing raw materials such as timber and branches into wood chips. With merits like less investment, low energy consumption, high productivity, high economic returns and easy maintenance, wood crusher became more and more popular for all kinds of businesses.

The maintenance of wood crusher
1. The bearings should be timely filling of butter, the filling is needed after 3-4 hours of continuous work, and you’d better pay attention to your crusher.
2. V-belt should be re-adjusted the tightness after specific working time, 6-10mm’s decline is appropriate.
3. The machine should be cleaned after Daily work, check the machine for cracks or other problems, timely maintenance is necessary.

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