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Usage and Notice to the Start of Pellet Mill

Dateļ¼š 2012/3/5 0:25:37
Usage and the Starting Materials of Pellet Mill

Usage of Pellet Mill
The pellets can be used in different areas, such as animal feeding, heating of the buildings, and the production of the manure. The major advantage of the pellets compared with other material, it can be easily handled, transported and stored for longer life.

Pay attention to the starting materials of Pellet Mill
Pellets can be produced various organic materials. Thus, the starting material bonds to be fixed into durable pellets, and the moisture contents need to be controlled within 12% und 15%. If the starting material is too dry, it often occurs as powder or need to be re-emerged from the pellet chute. If the starting material is too damp, the pellets will be of inferior quality. The residual moisture of the starting material can be measured or determined by a commercial moisture meter. The length of raw material should be controlled within 5mm, otherwise the pellet mill machine will be clogged or the performance will be slowing down. The raw material with longer length (e.g. wood shaving) need to be grinded into small size by a hammer mill. 

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