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Working Principles and Characteristics of Pellet Machine

Dateļ¼š 2012/3/4 20:59:49
Working Principles and Characteristics of Pellet Machine

1. Introduction of wood pellet machine
Wood pellet machine is a biofuel particles forming equipment, which makes the granulation of biological crude fiber much easier and efficient. Host transmission adopts the method of high-efficiency belt transfer and the ring die adopts the quick release style hoop type, using frequency control to ensure the uniformity of feed, and forcing feed machine was deployed to the door. The apply of advanced manufacturing technology will customizing all kinds of high quality molds for all of your pellet machines.

2. Characteristics of wood pellet machine
The wood pellet machine use cold forming technology, polishing integer craft. Beautiful appearance, compact structure, high output, low power consumption, low noise, less failure, high fatigue resistance, continuous production, economic and durable; overall unit using special high-quality materials and advanced coupling gear, the key parts adopt high quality alloy steel plus wear-resistant materials.

3. Working principle of wood pellet machine 
Wood pellet machine mainly adopt the methods of high-precision gear drive, ring die adopts the quick release style hoop type, guarantee high quality, efficient transmission, stability, low noise, ring die adopts the quick release hoop type, feeding adopt frequency control feeding, to ensure uniform feed door with strong feeding of an international advanced level of compensation snake snake-like spring coupling, with the innovative, compact structure, safety, low noise, low fault performance, etc.

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