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Ten Safety Tips of Corn Stover Pellet Mill

Dateļ¼š 2012/3/4 20:38:54

Ten Safety Tips of Corn Stover Pellet Mill 

This article will tell you ten safety tips about  the corn stover pellet mill prodused by Amisy.

(A)Straw knitting machinery should be fixed on the ground, you can use cement to fix it and frequently change place of work.

(B)Before starting the straw knitting machinery, rotate the rotor by hand, check the operation flexible and normal; there is collision in the chassis; the rotor rotation direction is correct, good motor and shredder lubrication.

(C)After the installation of the straw knitting machinery, you should carefully check if it is in place, if it is stable enough. Motor shaft and grinder axis is parallel and   the belt  is  tight enough.

(D)Shredders and electric motors should be installed in the base made ​​of angle iron. 

(E)Straw knitting machinery feeding should be uniform, if you find noises, bearings, and the body temperature too high or outward spray of material, please immediately stop inspection to shoot. 

(F)After 300 hours operation, Straw knitting machinerys should be cleaned bearings, changed oil; oil should be installed to 1/3 of full bearing gap and should not exceed a maximum of1/2. at a long downtime, you should remove the belt.

(G)While feeding, the staff should stand on the side of the straw knitting machinery to avoid being wounded by the debris bounced out.  While crushing long stalk hand should not grasp too tight to prevent hands being brought into.

(H)You should stop feeding before straw knitting machinery shutting down, wait until the material inside rule out clean, cut off the power .After the shutdown, please clean it.

(I)Before straw knitting machinery work, staff should carefully check the material to prevent the metal, stones and other hard objects into the crushing chamber to cause the accident. 

(J)The pulley of straw knitting machinery should not often be replaced to prevent the speed is too high or too low.

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