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Brief Introduction of Frame Oil Filter

Dateļ¼š 2012/3/5 0:39:52
Brief Introduction of Frame Oil Filter

Frame oil filter is a piece of oil equipment which filters solid impurities, moisture, and improves oil quality. Frame oil filter is composed of filter bed, pump and filter components. Between the plate and the frame, there is filter paper or cloth as a media.
Frame oil filter has a lot of advantages such as simple structure, easy operation and low cost.
Frame oil filter is specially designed for power plants, industrial and mining enterprises, lubricants warehouse, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, national defense units; mainly used for filter water and impurities in transformer oil, turbine oil, engine oil, diesel aviation hydraulic oil. It can also filter the plant oil by its stainless materials.

Frame oil filter has the following advantages:
1. the filter plate and box adopt high-strength plastic which is light-weighted, small-size and easy-movement.
2. equipped with high-pressure bass vane pump to make sure not so much noise during processing.

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