• PCB Recycling Line PCB Recycling Line

    1.Adopt PLC control, make the production line uniform feeding, coordination 2.Air separation equipment selection rate up to 97%-99%, pulse dust remova...

  • Plastic Granulator Machine Plastic Granulator Machine

    1.end pellet is full, transparent and will not discolourate 2.high automatic degree and no pollution to environment

  • Paper Cup Making Machine Paper Cup Making Machine ideal machine for manufacturing teacup, coffee cup, etc. 2.high automatic degree. 3.human-centered desingn, safe to operate and easy to maintain...

  • Copper Wire Granulator Copper Wire Granulator

    specialized in recycling scrap wires or cables; recycling rate can be 99%; no dust and no environmental pollution

  • Wire Stripping Machine Wire Stripping Machine

    Used to strip scrap wires or cables so as to be recycled; stripped wire diameter is 1-100mm. Simple knife change

  • Cable and Wire Stripping Machine Cable and Wire Stripping Machine

    Multi-purpose Wire & Cable Stripper, Simple knife change and operation

  • Wood briquette machine Wood briquette machine

    The output briquette is a type of clean and green fuel that is ideal for use in furnaces, boilers and open fires