Rice Washing Machine

Rice Washing Machine Introduction
Rice washing is the first step in the rice deep processing. However, traditional washing method is mainly relied on manual labor. Our automatic rice washing machine is a novel product with high degree of mechanization, excellent rice washing effect, also greatly reduce the labor intensity. It is also suitable for the washing of soybeans, wheat, peas, etc to meet industrial demands.
Rice Washing Machine Features
1. Made of high quality stainless steel, ensures the long-term work, no rust, no corrosion, non-toxic and harmless, fits the food processing hygiene requirements.
2. Scientific and reasonable design, compact structure, can realize continuous rapid elutriation.
3. Convenient operation, high efficiency, low water consumption and labor-saving.
4. During the washing process, rice and stone, clay, chaff, rice worm and other debris can simultaneously and respectively from different export high-speed exclusion.
5. Wide application range. Not only can wash rice, but also suitable for washing of vegetable seed, bean, sesame, buckwheat, millet, gingili and other granular food.
6. Ideal choice for food processing industries like canteens, restaurants and hotels.
Vegetable Seed Washing Machine Working Principle
Firstly, connect the source of water, start the power supply, and adjust the stone removing pressure, then put the rice into the rice container. When the rice pass through the separator combination, under different water pressure, stones, mud and other hard impurities discharged from the sand separator, meanwhile chaff, worm and other debris ejected from the floating separator, and the cleaned rice fall into the rice basket through the rice tube, the whole rice washing work completed.
Rice Washing Machine Reviews
Here is a practical and reliable rice/vegetable seed washing machine. This rice washing machine is made of stainless steel to meet food security standard, convenient operation and high efficiency have greatly reduce the labor intensity. Meanwhile, it has wide usage in food washing, not only for cleaning rice, but also for bean, sesame, buckwheat, millet, vegetable seed, gingili, etc. Best choice for pre-treatment in food processing industry.
Rice Washing Machine Technical Parameter





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Water consumption

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