Peanut & Almond Kernel Slivering Machine

Peanut & Almond Kernel Slivering Machine Introduction
As we all know, lots of recipes call for slivered nuts, cutting the peanut & almond kernel is a tedious work, how to deal with it in a fast and easy way? Now, you don't have to be so bothered, because we can provide the advanced peanut & almond kernel slivering machine for you which can help you sliver the peanut &almond kernel with high efficiency and low energy consumption. As well as the peanut & almond slivering machine, we can supply almond kernel grading machine, peanut roasting machine, and roasted peanut peeling machine for you!
Peanut & Almond Kernel Slivering Machine Features
1. Made of full stainless steel material, hygiene and healthy
2. Professional machine used to cut peanut & almond into strip shape, the strip size can be adjusted
3. Advanced skill design and special blades, high slivering rate, easy operating
4. Final slivered almonds and peanuts are smooth and good-shaped with no break
5. Multifunctional, by changing the cutters, kinds of nuts can be slivered by the peanut & almond kernel slivering machine.
6. Best sliving machine for peanuts, almonds and other nuts.
Top 4 Benefits of The Peanuts
As one of the common people's favorite traditional food, peanuts, has existed since ancient times as "longevity nut". Proverb says: "often eat peanut can preserve one's health". Studies have shown that the peanuts have some medicinal value and health care function.
1. Lower cholesterol: peanut oil contains large amounts of linoleic acid which can break down cholesterol, prevent a variety of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases caused by high cholesterol in the body.
2. Delaying human aging: the content of Zn in peanut is generally higher than other oil crops, it can activate brain cells of aged human, effectively delay aging.
3. Promote children's bone growth: peanut is rich in calcium, can promote children's bone growth, and prevent the elderly bone degenerative diseases.
4. Cancer prevention: peanut contains a strong biological activity of natural polyphenols--resveratrol which is natural chemopreventive agents of tumor diseases.
Peanut & Almond Kernel Slivering Machine Features

Model Materials Power Capacity Slicing/slivering size Dimension Weight
AMS-PS Stainless steel 380v/50Hz/2kw 100kg/hr 3-5mm/optional 1300*700*1300mm    230kg