Beans Sprouting Machine

Brief Introduction of Bean Sprout Machine
The bean spouting machine is a new type bean sprouts processing equipment with perfect combination of modern technology and traditional technics. It has changed from the manual equipment to fully automated, microcomputer automatic control system offers appropriate environment and conditions, time and labor saving. Now it is widely used in medium-size specialized households and gains great market share both at home and abroad.
Bean Sprout Machine Features
1. The machine uses stainless steel frame, box body made of composite color steel plate with functions of thermal insulation, waterproof, rustproof, durable and has long service life.
2. The use of independent electric control can realize full automatic operation, also can provide a proper environment and conditions for bean sprouts growing, no need of special care, time and labor saving.
3. Full-automatic microcomputer controller: has functions of temperature display, high temperature alarm, warming automatically, air circulating, water shortage alarm, automatic adding water, automatic water spraying.
4. Reasonable structure design, easy operation and high output.
5. High automation degree, low energy consumption, no noise and no pollution.
6. High quality of finished products, short production cycle, not affected by geographical environment, weather condition and seasons.
7. Can reduce the lousy bud phenomenon compared to the manual production of bean sprouts.
How to Grow Bean Sprouts with Our Bean Sprouting Machine
First, select high-quality beans, then take cleaning and sterilization treatment.
Second, soaking the seeds with appropriate water temperature and put them into the bean sprout machine.
Third, start the machine and set reasonable parameters, then observe the growth of bean sprouts every day. Usually after 4 or 5 days, you can harvest the bean sprouts.The last step is cleaning and packaging of the bean sprouts.
Bean Sprout Machine Application
☆ Suitable for alfalfa sprouting, corn buds, pea shoots, buckwheat sprouting, barley seedling, wheat sprouting, green bean sprouting, turnip sprouting and so on.
☆ Widely used for sprouting in factory, school, canteen, supermarket and so on.

Mung Bean Sprout Machine Market Prospect
Grown in China for over 3000 years, bean sprouts are among the most nutritional types of food. Containing a high quantity of vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes, bean sprouts are starting to gain wide acceptance in the western world as an important portion of a healthy diet. So more and more investors begin to step into bean sprouts production field. Thus we can see the broad market prospect of our bean sprouting machine. It can help you gain more profits with less investment, so hurry up to grasp this precious chance.
Bean Sprouting Machine Technical Parameter

Model AMSFM0301-QH50M AMSFM0301-QH100M AMSFM0301-QH200M AMSFM0301-QH500M
Capacity 120kg/batch  25kg/day 240kg/batch  50kg/day 480kg/batch  100kg/day 1200kg/batch  250kg/day
Power 220v/0.75kw 220v/0.75kw 220v/2.5kw 220v/3.5kw
Water consumption 0.3cbm/day 0.8cbm/day 1.3cbm/day 2.5cbm/day
Electricity consumption 0.7kwh/day 1.4kwh/day 2.2kwh/day 3.8kwh/day
Size 1300×800×1800 mm 2400×800×1800 mm 2400×1400×1800 mm 4400×1400×1700mm
Weight 125kg 300kg 500kg 680kg