• Beans Sprouting Machine Beans Sprouting Machine

    Suitable for alfalfa sprouting, corn buds, pea shoots, buckwheat sprouting, barley seedling, wheat sprouting, green bean sprouting, turnip sprouting an...

  • French Fries Frying Machine French Fries Frying Machine

    Adopts advanced international water oil mixture frying technology, with oil saving 50% and electricity/coal saving 40%, the french fries frying machine...

  • Rice Washing Machine Rice Washing Machine

    With high degree of mechanization and excellent rice washing effect, our rice washing machine is best choice for rice washing to meet industrial demand...

  • Apple Peeling Machine Apple Peeling Machine

    Adopt PLC controller system, our apple peeling machine can finish peeling, coring, slicing at one time automatically, necessary equipment for candied f...

  • Peanut & Almond Kernel Chopping Machine Peanut & Almond Kernel Chopping Machine

    This machine is used on cutting and chopping peanut, almond as well as other kinds of nuts such as walnut, cashew, fruit nut, etc in to small granules....

  • Peanut & Almond Kernel Slivering Machine Peanut & Almond Kernel Slivering Machine

    This machine can be used for processing peanuts, almonds and other fruit nuts into strips, capacity is 100kg/hr.

  • Centrifugal Hydro Extractor Centrifugal Hydro Extractor

    Adopts the centrifugal principle, through the high-speed rotating barrel to remove the surface water of washed fruit, vegetable, etc.

  • Roasted Peanut Peeling Machine Roasted Peanut Peeling Machine

    This kind of peanut peeling machine is a dry type peanut peeling machine which is used to peel the peanut red skin after drying and roasting.

  • Microwave Sterilization/Ripening Equipment Microwave Sterilization/Ripening Equipment

    Amisy microwave food drying machine can realize the function of sterilizing, ripening and drying. Widely used to process nuts, flowers, seasonings, de...

  • Multi-functional Soya Milk Machines Multi-functional Soya Milk Machines

    Produce Soya milk, Tofu and other bean products.Verious types for your choice. Building your dream. Starting your business now!