Mini Spider Crane

       Mini Spider Crane Introduction
Mini spider crane is a kind of medium speed lifting equipment developed recently. Perfect for underneath traveling in open areas where it can serve several work stations, in outdoor applications such as loading docks, or in machining and assembly operations where it can be overlapped with other cranes to provide staged operation. Mini spider crane has characteristi cs of unique structure, safety and reliability, high suitable for operating under three dimensional environment, especially suitable in the field of short distance and concentrated lifting. Working temperature is -25℃ to 40℃.
Crawler Crane Features
1. The walking way of the KB-288-type folding crane is on the crawler, and the winching, stretching and rolling devices are adopted hydraulic system.
This mini crane is suitable to work in the dock, warehouse, workshop etc.
2. It can work within the 360 degrees to lift, move and handle materials.
3. Crawl crane is composed by the vertical shaft, revolving arm, rotating shaft, hoist etc, the bottom of the vertical shaft is fixed on the concreate base.
4. Allows operators to position loads precisely, effortlessly and efficiently.
5. Precision tapered roller bearings in top pivot and trunnion assemblies provide smooth operation and long life.
6. Full supporting triangular base plate gussets are used to minimize crane deflection, thus making it easier to accurately position loads.
Spider Crane Working Environment
1. Flammable, explosive and corrosive gas are forbidden in the work environment.
2. The Crane is forbiden to lift fuse and blend deleterious article and flammable explosive article.
mini spider crane applicationNew Design Flexible Spider Crane Quality guaranty
1.The quality of our crane would be guaranteed for one year, in this period, if any quality problem happens under correct operation, we will be responsible for repairing of replacing it for free.
2. Low charge for maintenance when warranty is expired.
How To Operate The Spider Crane Safely
Safety Precautions
1)The driver of the machine should earnestly implement the pilot performance, requirement for the novice to conduct specialized training, the failure of the driver can not drive the machine.
2)It’s not allowed to start on high-speed, and it’s forbidden to down slope on the exercise of high-speed or neutral gear.
3)The four legs must be put away steadily before the crane walk, plug the pin well, otherwise it’s forbidden to walk.
4) You must ensure that the four legs are smoothly, and the four pins are inserted well before operate.
5)The boom must be hoisted a certain height before rotation, in order to make sure that it can not encounter any legs and other parts.   
6) Regulate the undulate of the boom and decide the work radius. Please lifting according to the instructions provided by the weight load table below.
This weight load table is for the legs are opened to maximize, please lower the weight rightly when the legs are not fully opened. Non-overweight!     
7) There are at least two persons at the scene when operating the crane. It is absolutely not allowed to stand under the boom.8) If it makes an odd sound in the course of working, you should immediately stop to inspect, please solve the problem in time, and continue work after confirm that the state of the machine is normal.

Basic Operation
A. Start the engine
Confirm that you have put the gear shift lever in the position of neutral gap.(Confirm that there are no person or other obstacles on the driving directions).
B. Forward
Pull both two handles to forward, the machine go forward; Pull the two handles back, the machine draw back.
C. Turn
Pull one handle forward and the other handle to back,the machine turn to left or right.
D. Stop
two handles recenter,the machine stop.
Attention: Do not contact with buildings or other unstable places when operated. Stretch Leg 1 and 4 firstly and stretch Leg 2 and 3 secondly, thus it is easy to maintain a balance. Confirmed that the level is level. And it is appropriate that keep the distance between ground and the wheels is 10 centimetres.
3T mini spider crane Technical Data





Maximum operating radius


Maximum raising height 



Hook up speed



Cable diameter & length



Boom form

5(5 Automatic)


Boom length


Up and downs

Boom angle



Rotation angle

360-degree continuous rotation


The form of outrigger

First paragraph of the twists and turns

Second paragraph of the manual leads direct pressure type hydraulic cylinder


Maximum extending  range


Walking device

Walk way



Walking speed 



Crawler belt

Synthetic rubber


Grade ability



Ground pressure