Small Rice Combine Harvester

Small rice combine harvester is mainly used to harvest rice grain; also you can used to harvest wheat. The harvester is a kind of useful agriculture equipment. It can save much more labor with high productivity. It is suitable for flatlands, mountainous areas and hills. Reliable, economy and durability.

Small Rice Combine Harvester Application
The small rice combine harvester is designed to harvest rice grain and wheat. It is suitable for flatlands, mountainous areas and hills. For its compact structure, flexible direction turning and light weight, the small rice combine harvester is convenient for small pieces of paddy field.

Small Rice Combine Harvester Features and Advantages
▲The harvester is with compact structure and light weight, it can turn directions easily.
▲The harvester can divert convenient, suitable for flatlands or hills, especially small pieces of paddy field.
▲The rice harvester is with productivity of 0.13-0.33acre/h, which can save much labor.
▲The harvester is suspension type harvester, it uses the tractor as its motive power.
small rice combine harvester harvesting process
How to Use, Repair and Maintain the Rice Combine Harvester?
1. You should see the working principles and operation requirements of the combine harvester first. And then you can learn to operate the harvester. Operate according to the specification.
2. For the paddies have different mature degree, moisture content and crop height, you can adjust the related structure during the harvesting process. Thus it can ensure the performance of the harvester.    
3. You should check up and maintain the combine harvester regularly and timely. For example, you can check if or not the harvester lacks oil, lacks water, looses or has abnormal sound. If the harvester has abnormality, you should repair it immediately. The harvester can’t work with breakdown.
4. The design of harvester design and parameters is coordinating. You can’t change or refit casually.        

Small Rice Combine Harvester Technical Parameters

Model AMSAM003
Matched Power 11-12hp
Cutting Width 1100mm
Feeding in Volume 0.5kg/s
Productivity 0.13-0.33acre/h
Total Loss Rate rice≤2%; wheat≤2%
Weight 700kg
Dimension 3400*1400*1300mm