Large Essential Oil Distillation Equipment

Plant Essential Oil Distillation Equipment Introduction
Amisy plant essential oil distillation machine, is popular in mass production of cosmetics, food and Chinese medicine. Both hydro-distillation and steam distillation method are available according to different materials requirements. The advanced technology and  special design ensure high yield and best quality of final essential oils, and is widely used in the essential oil extraction of flowers and plants.
Main Structure of Plant Essential Oil Distillation Equipment
A complete plant essential oil distillation equipment mainly consists of the following parts:distillation still, condenser, distillation basket, steam boiler, oil-water separator, temperature control system, distilled liquid storage tank, etc. 
Unique Advantages of Plant Essential Oil Distillation Equipment
* Double-layer stainless steel design of distillation still, safe and reliable equipment to guarantee products quality and have a longer service life.
* Using the external-connected electric heating steam form, can manually control the temperature of the distillation still according to the stop valve.
* Vacuum low temperature distillation, which can have better recycling effect on the easy to volatile substances. 
* Built-in type multi-layer distillation basket, convenient to place raw materials like plants and flowers, meanwhile easy for cleaning of the equipment.
* Equipped with digital display control system as well as touch screen dynamic display control system to realize humanized operation.   
* High capacity, easy operation and cost-saving.* Adequate sources of raw materials, such as plant leaves, flowers, roots, plant fruits, grass, etc.
* Wide application range. It is suitable for the batch industrial production of essential oils in food and flavor industry, cosmetics industry, biological pharmaceutical enterprise and other industries.

Application Range of Plant Essential Oil Distillation Equipment
Amisy Plant Essential Oil Distillation Equipment is widely used in industries like:  Food and flavor industry/Cosmetics industry/Daily chemical enterprises/Biological pharmaceutical enterprise /Aroma therapy
Warm Tips of Plant Essential Oil Distillation Equipment
1. Carefully and thoroughly follow all the instructions, directions and recommendations of the manufacturer of your distillation equipment.
2. Choose appropriate distillation method according to different materials special requirements. Here we provide hydro-distillation and steam distillation method and customized equipment to meet different clients needs.

Plant Essential Oil Distillation Equipment Technical Data

Model AMSJYT-3000L
Volume of distillation still 1500L(two sets)
Heat transfer area of condenser ≥5㎡
Volume of distillation basket 1000L
Volume of distilled liquid storage tank 50L
Power of aqua astricta set 18kw
Capacity 3000L