Hot sale pellet mill-MZLH420


Ring Die Pellet Mill SZLH420 specifications.
Model: MZLH420
Motor Brand: Simenz
Feeder Power: 1.5kw
Diameter of die: 420mm
Material: Stainless steel
Bearing: NSK, SKF 
Material of die: Alloy steel, Stainless steel.
Application life of die and roller: No less than 2000 working hours.
Delivery time: 20 days after receiving the deposit 
Quality Guarantee: Two years Guarantee for main body. 
Application: Making wood pellets and animal feedstuff pellets.

For making wood pellets
Capacity: 800-1400kg/h 
Wood pellets size (mm): φ6.0、φ8.0、φ10.0、φ12.0

For making animal feedstuff pellets:
Capacity: 6000-12000kg/h 
Animal feedstuff pellets size (mm): φ1.0、φ1.2、φ1.5、φ2.0、φ2.5、φ3.0、φ3.5、φ4.0、φ4.5、φ5.0、φ6.0、φ8.0 etc.

The advantage of Ring Die Pellet Mill SZLH420
1. Our pellet mill adopt SKF bearings from Sweden and NAK oil seal, the motors in the wood pellet is from Siemens. Equipped with high quality components, we confidently guarantee that our pellet mill is high efficient and durable, it will be the best choice for you to make wood pellets and food pellets.
2. This pellet mill is driven by high precision gear, adopt advanced flexible coupling. High productive efficient.
3. Our Pellet mill is equipped with the magnet and overload protection safty device,which ensure saft and reliable operation. Once the pellet machine is overload , the safty pin will crack, to protect against any damage to the pellet mill, and keep the machine durable.
4. The feeding system adopts the stepless variable speed motor control which make the speed regulation very easy.
5. Frequency converter controls feeder flow. Full stainless steel lengthened conditioner, feeder, cover, chute, paddle and shaft.
6. Convenient maintenance and operation

Final Wood Pellets made by Ring Die Pellet Mill SZLH420.

The Ring Die of the Pellet mill is made by 304 stainless steel. Below are the pictures of the durable ring die and its package.
the pellet mill ring diethe pellet mill ring die

Endurable fumigation Wooden package. The Ring Die Pellet Mill SZLH420 is ready for shipping.
the packaged ring die pellet mill for shipping