Cookie Machine

Cookie Machine Introduction
Cookie machine is designed for the processing of all kinds of cookies and snacks like chocolate cookies, sesame cake, egg yolk pie, sesame strip, sea sedge cake, puff and so on. With advantaged technology and best quality, our cookie machine is welcomed by many customers.
Working Processes of the Cookie Machine
Through squeezing, twisting, cutting process, the dough is made into small strips and then been put into the molds of the machine. then the dough is formed into different shapes. After that the shaped dough will be dried, greased and cooled, finally the cookies are finished.
Cookie Machine Application Range
Tea cafe, cake shops, coffee shop, western restaurant, Chinese restaurant, snack processing factory and so on.

Cookie Machine Remarkable Features
1. Equipped with PLC controlling system. The cookie machine is equipped with PLC controlling system which makes the machine easy to operate.
2. Offer variety kinds of cake molds to the customers. With these molds, the cookie machine can produce cookies and snacks in different shapes and patterns.
3. Made of stainless steel, which will makes the machine durable and easy to clean.
4. With compact design and advanced technology.
5. Multifunctional. The cookie machine has combined the extrusion, twist, cutting process together.
Cookie Machine Parameters

Model Capacity Twist Angle Function Voltage Suitable Tray Size Dimensions Weight
PQQ-01 100~180 kg/h(9Holes) 400° Extrusion, Twist, cutting 220V/50Hz/1.5Kw 600*400mm or 600*600mm 1460*1120*1240mm 800kg