Meatball Forming Machine

Meatball Forming Machine Introduction
The high-speed meatball forming machine can make all kinds of crisp, toughness and elastic pork balls, fish balls, beef balls, chicken meat balls, shrimp meatball and so on. By changing the mould, it can produce different size meatballs, the meatball size is 16mm, 22mm, 25mm. The whole meatball production line is including meat grinder, BRJ-II, stuffing mixer, meatball chopper, meatball machine, meatball molding box and meatball frying machine. Amisy meatball forming machine is ideal meatball processing equipment for hotel, restaurant, canteen, individual households processing, etc.
Meatball Making Machine Features
1. Made of SUS304 stainless steel, beautiful appearance, durable and anti-rust, in line with international food sanitation standard
2. The meatball machine can produce different flavor meatballs, little space occupancy, light weight and time and labor-saving.
3. Compact structure, easy operation, high production capacity, low cost
4. The finished meatball is of good quality, smooth surface, unified specification, good taste
5. The transmission device and control parts all adopt advanced technology, ensure the long time work and running accuracy
6. Reasonable design, high efficiency, convenient to use, high stability and competitive price
The Meatball Production Line
The meatball production line consists of the following steps:
Meat- meatball grinding machine-meat bowl cutter mixer-meatball forming machine-meatball cooking cooling line-meatball packing machine
How to Make Pork Balls with Meatball Forming Machine
1. Choose fresh frozen leg of pork meat, separate the lean meat and fat meat, then put them into cutting machine to cut into pieces respectively.
2. Put the lean meat pieces and fat meat pieces into meat grinder to get fine meat
3. Add sugar, salt and MSG in the fine lean meat, using meat beater to beat into paste
4. Put the fine fat meat into the meat beater to beat for a few minutes together until the meat into mud, then add rice wine and mix well together
5. Take out the meat mud from the meat beater machine, put into the meatball forming machine to make meatballs
6.Cook the meatballs in 70℃ hot water
7. Put the finished pork meatballs into cold storage preservation.
Safety Precautions
During the working process of the meatball forming machine, please pay attention to the following points.
1. Don't touch the cutting knife, in order to avoid injury to you
2. Don't put you hands and hard object into the stuffing hopper, so as not to cause harm and damage to the meatball forming machine
3. Should not to carry out any form of maintenance and repair to avoid danger.
Meatball Forming Machine Technical Data

Model Capacity Voltage Balls specification Power Weight Dimension
WZJ-01 300 pcs/min 220v/380v 16mm,22mm,25mm 0.75 kw 85kg 680*380*1380mm