• Dough Roller Machine Dough Roller Machine

    large capacity and high output, hardly no flour loss; stainless steel material,easy to clean and maintain; Press dough into dough sheets of different ...

  • Screw Oil Press Screw Oil Press

    Can press many kinds of oil seeds, such as peanut, soybean, sesame, cotton seeds, sunflower seeds, rapeseeds, flax seed, camellia, cotton seed, ect

  • Automatic Screw Oil Press Automatic Screw Oil Press

    Automatically press and filter more than 20 kinds of oil crops. Save 60% labor. 10m²-20m² workshop is available.Smart design, advanced technique.

  • Diesel Engine Generator Diesel Engine Generator

    Equipped with radiator and belt; High quality controlling system; Auto battery charger ensures good performance; Supply continuous electrical power...

  • Hot Air Circulation Oven CT-C series Hot Air Circulation Oven CT-C series

    Used for heating curing, drying dehydration, medicine, extract, particles, granules, pigment,de-watering vegetables, dried fruit, sausages, plastics, r...

  • Automatic Hydraulic Oil Press Automatic Hydraulic Oil Press

    Most advanced Oil Processing machine. Automatic preheating temperature and hydraulic pressure controlling. Highest oil yield.

  • Multi-function Roasting Machine Multi-function Roasting Machine

    1.suitable for roasting peanut kernels, melon seeds,etc. 2.can be simultaneously heated from both sides ,avoiding the surface of food is burnt.

  • Vegetable Oil Filter Vegetable Oil Filter

    Suitable for purifying and filtering all sorts of vegetable crude oil and can be matched with different oil press, it can also clear the waste water, w...

  • Automatic Nut Roasting Machine Automatic Nut Roasting Machine

    Suitable for roasting/drying different seeds and nuts, such as corn, chestnut, rapeseeds, sunflower, etc. High quality and competitive price.

  • Fish Filleting Machine Fish Filleting Machine

    1.can fillet fish into 2 pieces automatically in even weight 2.working speed can be adjustable 3.very easy to clean after processing