• Feed Pellet Mill with Diesel Engine Feed Pellet Mill with Diesel Engine

    Driven by a Diesel Engine. Specialized in processing fodder for rabbits, chicken, hogs, cattle, sheep, fish, shrimp and so on.

  • Medical Capsule Filling Machine Medical Capsule Filling Machine

    1.made of stainless steel, meeting GMP standard 2. Easy operation and maintenance

  • Plastic Granulator Machine Plastic Granulator Machine

    1.end pellet is full, transparent and will not discolourate 2.high automatic degree and no pollution to environment

  • Multi-functional Soya Milk Machines Multi-functional Soya Milk Machines

    Produce Soya milk, Tofu and other bean products.Verious types for your choice. Building your dream. Starting your business now!

  • Hot sale pellet mill-MZLH420 Hot sale pellet mill-MZLH420

    Feeder Power: 1.5kw. Motor: Simenz. Diameter of die: 420mm, Capacity: 6000-12000kg/h. Guarantee: 2 years. Application: wood pellets & feed pellets.

  • Industrial Dishwasher Industrial Dishwasher

    1.suitable for industrial and commercial use for washing dishes. 2.multiple washing time 180s/120s/90s to meet different washing needs. 3.High workin...

  • Wood Pellet Mill SZLH350 Wood Pellet Mill SZLH350

    Capacity: 3000-8000kg/H, Power: 1.1km, Motor Brand: Simenz. Diameter of Die: 350mm. Efficient feed pellet mill. Hot sold widely to over than 30 count...

  • Ultra Low Temperature Freezer Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

    1.engineered to meet a diverse range of low temperature requirements 2.Cooling temperature can be adjustable 3.freezer chamber is made of double-si...

  • Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill AMSPLM series Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill AMSPLM series

    AMSPLM series Mill is your good choice to pellet all kinds of biomass particles , such as wood sawdust, straw, rice husk , coffee husk etc

  • Fried Potato Chips Production Line Fried Potato Chips Production Line

    Stainless steel material, hygienic enough. Excellent product quality. Very low requirement for labors. A variety of processing capacity.