• Rice Combine Harvester Rice Combine Harvester

    Mainly used for harvesting rice grain and wheat grain. It is suit for plain and wet paddy field and other lands, quite convenience for farming.

  • Meat Smoking Machine Meat Smoking Machine

    1.applied to smoke bake meat food 2.having functions of steaming, frying, boiling and smoking 3.Low energy consumption and high efficiency.

  • Mini Rice Combine Harvester Mini Rice Combine Harvester

    A kind of multi-functional combine harvester, special suit for using in hills and mountains or areas where general combined harvesters cannot enter in,...

  • Fish Descaling Machine Fish Descaling Machine

    Wholly made of stainless steel, Remove the fish scales cleanly without any damage to the fish body. No limit of fish size.

  • Mini Rice/Wheat Combine Harvester Mini Rice/Wheat Combine Harvester

    it can be used in small plots, mountain, hilly areas, both dry and wet field. Mainly used for harvesting wheat, rice, soybean, corn, forage grass, etc;...

  • Steam Sterilizer Steam Sterilizer

    Chemical free sterilizing process Optimum pressure control, Low noise, hygiene sterilizer environment Easy operation and stable performance

  • Sugarcane harvester Sugarcane harvester

    Complete the harvest work of cutting tip, cutting root, conveying, and separating sundry, etc, suitable for land with large area, gently terrain,and st...

  • Frozen Meat Slicer Frozen Meat Slicer

    Continuous working, adjustable thickness of meat slicers Easy to operate, simple to clean and maintain. Stainless steel material, large processing c...

  • Small Sugarcane Harvester Small Sugarcane Harvester

    mainly used forharvesting sugarcane. Complete the harvest work ofcutting tip, cutting root, conveying, and separating sundry

  • Vacuum Tumbling Machine Vacuum Tumbling Machine

    Computer-controlled user set, simple to operate; Stainless steel construction, safety bar and switch; Advanced design, Electronic tumbler speed contr...