Automatic Hydraulic Oil Press

Automatic Hydraulic Oil Press Introduction
Automatic hydraulic oil press is the most advanced equipment. it is a best choice to instead of hand-operated worker currently. It adopts automatic control system, automatic preheating temperature controlling and automatic hydraulic pressure controlling system. Compared with other oil press, auto hydraulic oil press is the easiest one in operation, having the highest oil yield, and the wearing parts are most durable. It widely used to produce oil from crush sesame seeds, peanuts, flax, rapeseed, sunflower seed, cotton seed, soybeans and other food crops seeds.
1. High oil yield: The normal oil yield is 2-3points higher than that made from the old-fashioned equipment.
2. Electric power saving: with equivalent yield, you can save 40%power.
3. Labor saving: with the same production, you can save 40% labor. One or two person is enough. 
4. Pure and high quality oil: ensure the oil purity to meet the health and quarantine standards.
5. Lightweight, convenient to move, easy to operation.

Technology Data
Weight: 1050kg
KN Pressure: 1900 KN
Heating Ring Control temperature: 70℃-100℃ 
Sesame Feeding/Time: 5-10KG
Total Power: 2.3KW