• Grain Puffing Machine Grain Puffing Machine

    Stainless steel roller and heating element, long use life. Work continuously, heating quickly, saving labor and power. Heating uniformly, automatic...

  • Dough Kneader Machine Dough Kneader Machine

    High efficiency, saving labor. Homogeneous mixing, little noise, less waste. Kneading wheaten flour and other similar flour or flour mixture.

  • Dough Roller Machine Dough Roller Machine

    large capacity and high output, hardly no flour loss; stainless steel material,easy to clean and maintain; Press dough into dough sheets of different ...

  • Hot Air Circulation Oven CT-C series Hot Air Circulation Oven CT-C series

    Used for heating curing, drying dehydration, medicine, extract, particles, granules, pigment,de-watering vegetables, dried fruit, sausages, plastics, r...

  • Multi-function Roasting Machine Multi-function Roasting Machine

    1.suitable for roasting peanut kernels, melon seeds,etc. 2.can be simultaneously heated from both sides ,avoiding the surface of food is burnt.

  • Automatic Nut Roasting Machine Automatic Nut Roasting Machine

    Suitable for roasting/drying different seeds and nuts, such as corn, chestnut, rapeseeds, sunflower, etc. High quality and competitive price.

  • Fish Filleting Machine Fish Filleting Machine

    1.can fillet fish into 2 pieces automatically in even weight 2.working speed can be adjustable 3.very easy to clean after processing

  • Meat Smoking Machine Meat Smoking Machine

    1.applied to smoke bake meat food 2.having functions of steaming, frying, boiling and smoking 3.Low energy consumption and high efficiency.

  • Fish Descaling Machine Fish Descaling Machine

    Wholly made of stainless steel, Remove the fish scales cleanly without any damage to the fish body. No limit of fish size.

  • Steam Sterilizer Steam Sterilizer

    Chemical free sterilizing process Optimum pressure control, Low noise, hygiene sterilizer environment Easy operation and stable performance