• Water Bubble Vegetable Washing Machine Water Bubble Vegetable Washing Machine

    1,convenient to wash vegetables and fruits with many leaves and thin skin.2.wholly made of high quality stainless steel3.having a high cleaning ratio a...

  • Ginger Cleaning and Peeling Machine Ginger Cleaning and Peeling Machine

    It is your best choice to clean and peel the skin of carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes, mustard leaf, peanuts and so on.

  • Garlic Peeling Machine Garlic Peeling Machine

    Adopts pneumatic principle, it can peel the shell of the garlic without the cutter, friction or soaking. High efficiency, easy to operate and clean.

  • Vegetable and Fruit Dicer Vegetable and Fruit Dicer

    stainless steel makes it easy to clean and maintain; various sizes of diced materials from 3-12mm for your choice. cutting all kinds of vegetables a...

  • Multifunctional Pasta Machine Multifunctional Pasta Machine

    Rational configuration and stable performance; Making different shapes delicious pasta food; Good appearance,Low energy consumption;High efficiency, si...

  • Automatic Dumpling Making Machine Automatic Dumpling Making Machine

    New type of food processing machine. Automatic produce dumpling, wonton, samosa, spring roll and fried dumplings automatically by changing the mould.

  • Donut Making Machine Donut Making Machine

    Made of stainless steel. Suitable for home based business and permanent donut makers. Good reputation.

  • Automatic Rice Noodle Machine Automatic Rice Noodle Machine

    1,ideal machine for making different dia. rice noodle, Chinese rice cake. 2.high automatic degree, labor-saving and high- efficiency 3.widely used in...

  • Meatbun Making Machine Meatbun Making Machine

    1.Compact structure, reasonale design 2.easy to move and less land occupancy. 3.can make 2400-3000 pcs steamed stuffed buns per hour

  • Steam Cabinet Steam Cabinet

    Time and energy saving. short period of processing time. Easy to clean and maintain. Ideal for processing authentic food.