• Potato Washing and Peeling Machine Potato Washing and Peeling Machine

    The potato washing and peeling machine is designed to wash and peel potatoes automatically. The peeler can work quickly and accurately with minimum was...

  • Sesame Peeling Machine Sesame Peeling Machine

    The sesame peeling machine is designed to peel sesames. It can peel thoroughly. The peeled sesames are pure white, light, no peculiar smell and delicio...

  • Automatic Onion Peeling Machine Automatic Onion Peeling Machine

    With the automatic onion peeler, the onion skins can be peeled quickly without damaging the onions. Easy operation, high peeling rate and efficiency.

  • Steamed Bread Machine Steamed Bread Machine

    The steamed bread machine is used to produce round steamed breads, which have round tops and flat bottoms.

  • Automatic Cherry Pitting Machine Automatic Cherry Pitting Machine

    The cherry pitter/pitting machine is designed to remove the pits of the cherries without changing the nature shape or loosing any juice.

  • Peanut Butter Maker Peanut Butter Maker

    The peanut butter maker is mainly designed to make peanut butter with various tastes. Besides, the grinding machine can be used to produce sesame paste...

  • Automatic Fruit Core Removing Machine Automatic Fruit Core Removing Machine

    The fruit core removing machine is used to separate the cores from the fruit pulps. The machine is suitable for olives, green plums, apricots and peach...

  • Poultry Feather Plucker Poultry Feather Plucker

    Chicken feather pluckers are suitable for removing the poultry feathers gently and perfectly and it can wash automatically without damaging the poultry...

  • Egg Grading Machine Egg Grading Machine

    Egg grading is the grouping of eggs into lots according to similar characteristics in quality and weight. The egg grader is with capable of 5400-6000 e...

  • Garlic Bulb Separating Machine Garlic Bulb Separating Machine

    The garlic bulb separating machine is designed to separate the garlic bulbs into garlic cloves.