Pet Food Extruder

Preliminary Understanding Amisy Pet Food Extruder
Amisy pet food extruder is a kind of wet type feed pellets extruder, adopting steam regulation of texture, it can produce the pet food with higher efficiency. The feed pellets made by it are of more nutritional and easy to digest. By changing the mold, it can produce different shapes pet food, ideal equipment to make fish feed pellet, cat pet food, dog pet food and many other various pet food.
Pet Food Extruder Features
1. Main part is made of special alloy material after heat treatment, high wear-resisting degree, long service life
2. Equipped with frequency speed controlling cutting device, easy operation and stable operation
3. Auto-temperature control system, making the temperature controlling more direct viewing and the parameter more precise
4. Adopt forced lubrication system to guarantee the pet food extruder with longer transmission life
5. Worked with a steam boiler when required which is used to connect to the heating gas, making the grains easily and fully cooked.
Pet Food Machine Advantages
1. Novel design, compact structure, high production efficiency
2. Work reliable, durable, low failure, convenient operation and maintenance
3. Simple and convenient use, smooth transmission, low noise
4. Widely usage range, long life service
5. It can reduce loss of nutrition and advance the protein ration
Pet Feed Pellets Extruder Application
1. The pet feed pellets extruder can make corn, soybean and other grains into feed pellets for dog, cat, fish, bird, rabbit, etc.
2. Suitable for pet food processing factory, professional farmers, small and medium-sized feed factory and research institutions
Pet Food Extruder Market Analysis
With the rapid development of the economy, all kinds of pet, fish, shrimp and other feed pellets is increasing quickly, and are moving towards commercialization and scale, the market is unusually hot. Amisy pet food extruder is a kind of professional feed pellets machine to meet the market demand. The equipment uses corn, soybean and other grains as raw material, directly into the machinery can be expanded into different kind shapes feed pellet which is unique taste, rich nutrition, loved by many pets. Very easy to operate and high production efficiency, amisy pet food extruder can bring you endless profit.
Pet Food Extruder Technical Parameters

Capacity(kg/h) 250-300 350-450 550-650 750-900 1100-1300 1600-1800 2200-2700 3000-4000
Power(kw) 15 18.5 30 37 55 75 90 132