Microwave Drying Machine

The microwave drying machine is designed for drying and sterilizing all kinds of fresh fruits simultaneously. It works with the microwave. The nutrition and freshness of the processed food can be kept for longer time. It is an ideal machine for food factories to process dried food.

Microwave Drying Machine Features
1. It is made of stainless steel, clean and health.
2. This microwave machine is with high efficiency and energy-saving.
3. With the microwave handing the fruit, which can improve the quality of the products and make the fruits safe and sanitary to eat.
4. The PLC touch screen and human-computer interface improves its working condition.
5. Easy operation, advanced technology, well sterilization.
6. The fruits processed by the machine can be kept for longer time and keep their nutrition and traditional flavor.
dried fruit processed by microwave fruit drying machine
Why Choose Amisy Microwave Drying Machine?
Amsiy drying machine is one of the most advanced and professional drying machines. It adopts microwave energy technology, which can be used to improve product quality, reduce the costs and improve the working condition.

Microwave Drying Machine Technical Parameters

Model Material Power Voltage Weight Dimension
AMS-FP40 Stainless steel 100Kw 380V 8Ton 20000*2000*2700mm