Jacketed Kettle


Jacketed Kettle Introduction
Jacketed kettle is similar to a double boiler and used to cook large quantities of food by using steam heat or electricity. Now it has been widely applied in food processing such as candy, medicine, dairy, alcohol, cake, beverage, sweetmeat, can, etc. Some large restaurants and canteens also use it to boil soup, cook, stew and porridge. With big heating area and high thermal efficiency, our jacketed kettle is considered to be the ideal equipment in the area of improving quality, shortening the time and improving working conditions.
Jacketed Kettle Structure
This Jacketed Kettle is mainly composed of boiler body and tilting frame; the boiler body is the double layer structure formed by inner and outer spherical pot; and both the inner and outer steel pot can cook the contents inside by releasing steam into the space between the layers. We can add the agitator and cover according to your needs.
Jacketed Kettle Features
1. Tilting ability: boiler body can be tilted within 90degree which allows for easy removal of your product.
2. Efficient Heating: jacketed kettle can take a certain pressure of steam as heat source. It has characteristics such as big heating area, uniform heating, high thermal efficiency, short boiling time, easy control of the heating temperature etc.
3. Easy and safe operation: this jacketed kettle is equipped with pressure gauge, safety valve or electrical control box.
4. Sanitary and durable: our jacketed kettle adopts 304 stainless steel and one-piece welded construction. All exposed surfaces are made of stainless steel for maximum sanitation and durability.
5. Environment friendly: thorough boiling, smokeless, dust-free, little carbon, and no environmental pollution.

Jacketed Kettle Parameters 

 Model    Capacity   Diameter & Depth(mm)   Agitator
 Electric Heating Pipe Power   Heating
 JCG50      50L                 600×400     0.55Kw      /    0.45 m2 
 JCG100     100L                700×450   0.55Kw    4Kw*3Pcs   0.58 m2  
 JCG200      200L                800×530   0.75Kw   6Kw*3Pcs   1.12 m2  
 JCG300      300L                900×530   1.1Kw                            /   1.42 m2 
 JCG400      400L               1000×680   1.1Kw   /   1.75 m2 
 JCG500      500L               1100×730   1.5Kw   /   2.00 m2  
 JCG600      600L               1200×780   1.5Kw   8Kw *3Pcs   2.30 m2  
 JCG800      800L               1300×830   2.2Kw   /   3.20 m2 
 JCG1000      1000L   1400×900   2.2Kw   /   4.00m2