Draft Beer Cooler


Draft beer cooler introduction
Ensure your bar patrons have the smoothest, coldest beers! This draft beer cooler is used to make the beer iced quickly, and to keep the special flavor, abundant nutrition and refreshing cool taste of beer. Meanwhile, it can be used to cool all kinds of beverage in bulk. With Quick cooling system and large ice storage, our draft beer cooler is an ideal choice for the restaurant, hotel, bars and other place of draft beer business.
Draft beer cooler features
1. Insulated tower is adapted to have a continuous source of cold air channeled keeping beer cold from keg to pour no matter the temperature outside.
2. Self-contained refrigeration makes this unit easy to move and clean
3. Beer waste bottle collects beer from drain ensuring that all excess beer is collected making clean up easier
4. Stainless steel exterior and floor provides superior durability and resists corrosion
5. It can be connect with mini brew system in the pubs or restaurants and can raise the grades of the restaurants.
6. High cooling capacity, reliable thermostat control.
7. Stable outlet temperature and it can keep the beers taste well.
8. Easy to install, operate, clean and maintain.



Draft beer cooler working principle
This machine is composed with two systems: refrigerating system and beer cooling---in-out system.
Refrigerating system: cool the water in tank down form room temperature to be frozen partly, and stop working automatically when the thickness of ice reaches the requirement.
Beer cooling---in-out system: the co2 gas released by the gas cylinder forces the beer out from barrel into refrigerator, and after being cooled down quickly the beer is discharged from tap. The beer coming through the draft beer cooler can gain pleasantly cool taste!

Draft beer cooler parameters
1.Single Tank Draft Beer Cooler

Model AMS40-100L   (one pipe)   AMS50-120L  (one pipe)   AMS40-120L    (two pipes)      AMS50-150L     (two pipes)   AMS50-180L(three pipes) 
   Output Capacity   100L   120L   120L   150L   150L 
 Liquor tube   length   35m   40m   75m   85m   100m 
 Outlet Temperature   25-28/3-7℃   25-28/3-7℃   25-28/3-7℃   25-28/3-7℃   25-28/3-7℃ 
 Voltage   220V-50HZ   220V-50HZ   220V-50HZ   220V-50HZ   220V-50HZ 
 Compressor   1/4(P)   3/8(P)   3/8(P)   1/2(P)   1/2(P) 
 Weight   40Kg   50kg   50kg   60kg   70kg 
 Refrigerants   R12/134a   R12/134a   R12/134a   R12/134a   R12/134a 


 430×430×780mm   450×450×820mm  430×430×780mm  450×450×950mm 


 WaterBath Capacity   40Kg   50kg   40Kg   50kg   50kg 

 2. Tank Type Single Tank Draft Beer Cooler 

            Model            AMS100L            ( two pipes)           AMS200L             (two pipes)  AMS200-400L (three pipes)  AMS200-500L  AMS400-600L 
 Output Capacity  100L   200L  400L  500L  600L 
  Liquor tube length   /  150m   120m   200m 
WaterBath Capacity   100Kg   150kg   300kg   200kg   400kg 
    Outlet   Temperature   25-28/3-7℃   25-28/3-7℃   25-28/3-7℃   25-28/3-7℃   25-28/3-7℃ 
           Voltage   220V-50HZ   220V-50HZ   220V-50HZ   220V-50HZ   220V-50HZ 
        Compressor   1/2(P)   1/2(P)   1(P)   1(P)   230W 
            Weight   100Kg   150kg   200kg   130kg    300kg 
        Refrigerants   R12/134a   R12/134a   R12/134a   R12/134a   R12/134a 
         Dimension   730×750×2000mm   780×880×2200mm   730×750×2000mm   730×730×2100mm   1270×780×2300mm