Caramel Popcorn Production Line

Caramel Popcorn Production Line Introduction
This popcorn production line uses advanced extruding technology, can produce many kinds of popular snack food especially the popcorn to meet the increasing market demands. It has high heating efficiency, low running cost and strong adaptability, has gained good praise and favor from public.
Main Equipments Applied in Caramel Popcorn Production Line
The complete set of popcorn production line consists of the following equipments: popcorn making machine, elevator and conveyor, cooling and vibration distributor, roller and spraying machine, electricity oven.
Unique Advantages of Caramel Popcorn Production Line
1. Heating system equipped with advanced temperature control and display equipment to assure stable drying and high heating efficiency.
2. The variable speed drive motor adopts the steady and reliable variable frequency speed regulation and stepless speed adjusting system.
3. Low power, low running cost, less machine maintenance.
4. Strong adaptability, excellent products quality.
5. High automation degree and labor-saving.
Flowchart of Caramel Popcorn Processing Line

Popcorn Processing Line Application
This series of popcorn making machine is applied to dry and puff the popcorn, crispy rice ball, corn flakes, starch pellets, extruded snacks, vegetables and grains, etc. In addition to roasting nuts and coffee beans or pastrurizing ingredients.
Popcorn Production Line Technical Parameter

Model Capacity Total power Heat temperature Dimension
AMS-100 80~100kg/h 45KW 0~300°C 3700x1200x2000mm