Small Chicken feet Removing machine

Chicken Feet Skin Removing Machine Introduction
Chicken feet peeling machine is used for chicken or duck feet yellow skin removing and nail removing. Our machine adopts advanced skin removing technology and it can remove feet skin quickly with low damage percentage and the removing rate can be more than 98%. Being highly efficient and low power consuming, it can save a lot of time and labor for you, so it is your ideal helper in chicken feet processing business. This chicken feet yellow skin removing machine is fit for variety chicken feet processing plant s or factories such as slaughter house, meat processing plant, frozen foods factory, snack foods factory, restaurant, etc.
Small Chicken Feet Peeling Machine Features
1. High efficiency, low power consuming, it can save manual labor of more than ten workers.
2. Adopts special designing skin removing device, the chicken feet skin and nail can be removed thoroughly with no damage to the chicken feet.
3. A tap water connected with the machine tap is used on washing out the peeled skin and nail, thus the machine is easy to operate and clean.
4. Intelligent safety switch can turn off the power automatically to ensure the personal safety of operators.
5. Made of stainless steel, clean and sanitary, it can work for a long time without rust, corrosion or poison.
6. Can be used together with chicken slaughter line, also can be equipped as a set of equipment for only chicken feet processing business.
Chicken Paws Peeling Machine Working principle
After the chicken feet are put into the barrel of machine, the electric motor drives the projecting disc to rotate, and then the feet on the disc will do spiraling motion in the barrel. Because the rotating disc turns over and rubs the chicken feet constantly, the yellow skin and nail can be removed. Besides, there is also continual impact and friction between chicken feet and the wall of barrel, so the removing rate is higher.
Operation tips for Chicken Feet Skin Peeling
1. For the first use, a detailed examination is necessary. Avoid the loosing of fastening parts of the machine during transportation; check the electrical equipment and power line to ensure there isn’t damage; turn the dial to see whether it is blocked; if there is not any problems, you can turn on the power switch to idle the machine so that some potential problems can be exposed, such as the motor heating, v-belt loosing, etc.
2. Before processing, we should put the chicken feet into hot water about 3-5minutes first, and then put them into the machine for processing. In this way, skin and nail can be removed thoroughly and cleanly.


Main technical parameter of Automatic Chicken Feet Peeler

Model Power Capacity Material Dimension Weight
AMS-300    380v/50hz/1.5kw 300 kg/h Stainless Steel 830x600x930mm 70kg
AMS-600 380v/50hz/3kw 600 kg/h Stainless Steel 950x850x980mm 110kg