Poultry Feather Plucker

Chicken feather pluckers are suitable for removing the poultry feathers gently and perfectly and it can wash automatically without damaging the poultry. Besides, the feather plucker machine is able to peel the skin of potatoes, gingers and other related vegetables.

Poultry Feather Plucker Application
Poultry feather plucker is used for removing the feathers of chickens, ducks, geese, pigeons and quails. The feathers removed from the poultry can be sold after drying in the sun. These poultry feather removal machines are widely used in poultry processing plants, roast chicken workshops, roast duck workshops and restaurants etc.

Poultry Feather Plucker Feature
•Adopt stainless steel, clean and health
•Rubber bars, no damage to the poultry skin
•Reasonable design, durable
•Easy operation, saving labor and time
chickens and ducks processed by poultry feather plucker
Poultry Feather Plucker Structure and Working Principles
The poultry feather plucker mainly consists of thread spindle, feathering bar, wave wheel, belt wheel and motor etc. The impeller connects with the feathering barrel; the feathering barrel does rotational motion when the motor drives the impeller. The upper wave plate connects with the feathering barrel cover, so the upper wave plate also does rotational motion. At the same time, the motor drives the thread spindle, the spindle moves up and drives the wave wheel. The below wave plate propels the poultry rub with the feathering bar inside the barrel wall. With the effect of centrifugal force, the feathers can be removed completely.

1.Before removing the feathers by poultry feather plucker, the poultry should be soaked in hot water (about 75℃) for one or two minutes.
2.Check the turn-plate is normal or not before using the plucker.
3.Change the rubber feathering bar after using for a period to ensure the normal working efficiency.
4.Clean the feathering barrel after removing the feathers.

Poultry Feather Technical Parameters




Net weight




700*600*850 mm

70 kg

chicken, duck, goose, pigeon, quail...



950*830*980 mm

100 kg

chicken, duck, goose, pigeon, quail...