Granule Food Packing Machine

Brief Introduction of Granule Food Packing Machine
The granule packing machine is a new chain transmission type packaging machine, adopts automatic PLC control system and advanced CPU to guarantee accurate packing and reliable performance. It can realize the whole process automatically from bags making, weighing, counting to sealing which has greatly improve the working conditions. Our granule food packaging machine is ideal equipment for automatically packing granule materials like foodstuff, medicine, seeds, chemicals, etc.
Granule Food Packing Machine Characteristics
1. Made of stainless steel, comply with GMP requirements, corrosion proof, clean and reliable.
2. Adopts PLC controlling device, advanced CPU and best power supply so that all the parameters can be installed and adjusted easily.
3. Accurate photoelectric trace system: with the speed of 20-70 bags/min, the error is less than 0.5 mm.
4. The length of bag is set by computer which can avoid the trouble at changing the gears and adjust the length by hand.
5. The special alarm function for specified output and also can display the packing speed.
6. High automation degree, it can finish bag making, blanking, measure, count, sealing and photoelectric trace in one process.
7. The printer can print 1-3 lines of number, best before date, production date and so on, or you can select according to your requirements.
8. Multifunctional packaging machine, also suitable for packing crips and other irregular shape materials.
Granule Packaging Machine Application
* This granule food packing machine is suitable for packing various granule materials like rice, peanuts, seeds, sugar, salt, tea, instant food, puffed food, medicinal granules, Chinese herbal medicine, etc.
* Suitable for automatic packing in food processing factories, medicinal industry as well as chemical industry.
Warm Tips of Granule Food Packing Machine
Packing Materials:
☆ Hot sealing composites, such as Cellophane/PE, BOPP/PE, PTP/PE, etc.
☆ Please regularly check the parts of the machine once a month, find the defects need to be repaired in time and insure normal operation.
☆ If no use of the packing machine for a long time, you should spray with rust preventive oil on the glossy parts, and cover with a tarpaulin on the machine.
Granule Food Packing Machine Technical Parameter

Model Bag size Capacity Filling range Power Heater Dimension   Weight
AMSFM-TD500 L:50-200mm W:50-140mm 20-70 bag/min 100-500ml 220V/550W 110V/250W 1100*900*1900mm 300kg