Slushy Machine for Sale

Slush Machine Introduction
As a cost-effective solution for superior cold drinks, our slush machine can deliver quickly either snow slush or juice at the touch of a button because of its adopting advanced commercial refrigeration technology and full computer control system. Compact and smart, it is convenient to install and easy to use in all kinds of ambient. So, our commercial slush machine for sale is definitely your preferred investment that returns a good interest. We have three models to meet your special requirements: single-cylinder, double-cylinder and triple-cylinder.
Slush Ice Machine Features
☆ High-quality and totally-enclosed type compressor, prompt freezing, energy-saving and environmental friendly.
☆ Easy set-up and accurate dispense are assured with the advanced concentrate pump.☆ Service is fast and simple with a side-hinged door and modular dispense deck.
☆ Spraying and stirring design, it can make many kinds of beverage as your taste.
☆ Comprises "Total Cold" - the patented cooling system from below which ensures consistent drink quality from the top to the bottom of every glass.
☆ It is safe to use, thanks to the automatic shut-off devices which intervene when the cover is opened or in case of accidental short-circuiting.
☆ Bowl and spigot are easily removable without the aid of any tool for quick cleaning and total hygiene.
☆ The beverage tank is made from food class PC transparent material and is safe and easy-cleaning.
☆ It is quality made and will give you years of trouble free use whether you make beverage on the weekend or run the machine 24/7 in a business.
☆ Fashion appearance, stainless steel, microcomputer panel, louver boards for the side panel, colorful lights, to be unforgettable.
Slushy Machine Application
1. It is a real multipurpose machine, ideal for the perfect mixing of cold soft-drinks, slush, sorbets, yogurt ice cream, iced coffee, cocktail & frozen cappuccino and so on.
2. Slushy ice machine is perfect for the everyday production of snow melt shape drinks in restaurants, pizzerias and other public location and is also easy to use at special events such as banquets, conferences and receptions.

Commercial Slush Machine Parameters

Model Bowl Capacity Power Voltage Flavor Compressor Refrigerant Net/Gross weight Dimensions
AMS-120 12L×1 550W 220V/50HZ one kind 1 R407/R404 25/30kg 530×240×800mm
AMS-240 12L×2 890W 220V/50HZ 2kinds 1 R407/R404 50/55kg 530×430×800mm
AMS-360 12L×3 1100W 220V/50HZ    3kinds 1 R407/R404 70/75kg 530×620×800mm