Maize Peeling and Grits Machine

Brief Introduction of Maize Peeling and Grits Machine
The maize peeling and grits machine takes corn as raw material, with high efficiency, convenient operation and low energy consumption, it could finish cleaning, bark peeling, embryos, radicel and black umbo removing, crushing, grain classification, polishing and intensive selecting for corns, and all the processes are completed at one time. After processing, the finished products of maize have bright color, uniform particles and clean, can directly enter the large supermarket as well as grain and oil wholesale market.
Remarkable Features of Maize Peeling and Grits Machine
* Practical and professional equipment. Both dry and wet usage are applicable.
* Advanced technology, compact design, small occupation and simple installation.
* Newly adds stepless crushing system, four-wind-net dust removal system and secondary spare dust removal system.
* Beautiful appearance,convenient operation, reliable performance and durable.
* Wide application range, can be used for peeling, grits making and powder processing of various grains.
* Broad market. Our maize peeling and grits machine is popular equipment exports to more than 30 countries and regions such as South Korea, North Korea, Russia, Africa and so on.
* Stable running, low power consumption and high working efficiency.
Maize Peeling and Grits Machine Application
Widely used for peeling, grits making, powder processing of various grains, including corn, wheat, barley, beans, etc.
Widely used for scale grain processing of supermarket, grain and oil wholesale market, also external processing in rural and urban fringe areas.
Maize Peeling and Grits Machine Working Instructions
1. After the installation finished, let the machine idle for two minutes, pay attention to the machine to see if there is vibration and abnormal sound.
2. Start the machine working normally, then open the feed plate and control the inlet material flow according to motive power load case.
3. In operation process, if found to have abnormal sound, you should immediately stop and check the problems to guarantee smooth running of the corn peeling and grits making machine.
Maize Peeling and Grits Machine Technical Data


Working efficiency

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