Corn Combine Harvester

The corn combine harvester is a harvester that combines corncob picking, corn husk stripping  and corn straw crushing into a single process. It is featured by reasonable structure, small turn radius, flexible operation, durability and safety.

Corn Combine Harvester Features and Benefits
1. Compact machine structure design, simple transmission and flexible operation.
2. The corn combine harvester mainly consists of corn picker, picking roller, conveying device, husk stripping device and straw crushing device.
3. The harvester has great adaptability, it can reap variety of corns, stable and reliable.
4. Corncob picking and straw crushing can be done at the same time, lower power consumption.
5. It equips large volume corncob storage bin of rear dump type, which can unload the corncobs quickly, saving time and labor.
6. The corn husk stripping rate can reach 85%.
7. The harvester can smash the corn straws and return them to the field, the smashed straw can be used as organic fertilizer.
corn harvesting process
Why Choose Corn Combine Harvester?
The corn combine harvester is high cost-effective, it can finish corncob picking, corn husk stripping  and corn straw crushing at one time. Low investment, high profit. The harvester is easy to operate and maintain and has good adaptability.

Corn Combine Harvester Technical Parameters



Matched Power



0.27-0.54 hectare/h

Reaping Width


Damaged Kernel Rate

≤ 1%