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How to Maintain Oil Press Machine

Dateļ¼š 2012/3/18 18:47:29
Amisy machinery is a professional supplier of oil press, including screw oil press, automatic oil press and hydraulic oil press. In order to keep your machine service for a long time and make more profit for you, we give you following suggestions:
1. Lubrication situation should be checked after working 50 hours; the oil cup above gear box shall not be short of oil
2. Each lubricating part should prevent intrusion of dust and other impurities
3. Check the engine oil quality of gear box, replace all the oil if deterioration found.
4.. When the pressing quantity reduce or oil cake &the oil discharging are not normal, you should take out pressing screw and check the pressing screw, cage bars, cake ring wear condition, and replace the worn parts timely
5. Clear the residual cake in the oil press machine and keep the machine surface tidy and dry.
6. If the oil press machine will be stored for a long time, maintenance should be conducted. You had better recoat and wash the pressing screw, cage bars, cake discharging ring first and then store them in a dry place.