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The Raw Material Source of Sawdust Pellet Mill

Dateļ¼š 2012/3/3 2:35:07
The Raw Material Source of Sawdust Pellet Mill

Generally speaking, “biomass" has three main sources, namely: crop residues, farm fecal sewage and urban garbage.

(1)crop residues 
Crop residues includes wheat straw, cotton stalks, rice straw, corn stalks, corn cobs and other cereal straw. The so-called "crop residues" can be used to generate energy raw materials, as well as some other purposes. For example, corn cob can be used as the main raw material of xylitol, furfural, and other chemical products; corn stalks, wheat straw, cotton stalk and other kinds of straw can be treated with resin mixed to make fiber sheets; straw can also be returned the field as fertilizer, etc. Grain, oil seeds and cotton crops in my garden from 2001 to 2006 was stable and increased slightly. Crop residues can be used as the energy of life is about 50%; as a livestock feed accounts for about 28%; as scrap about 15%; the rest for industrial use. 

(2)farm fecal sewage 
Farm class sewage contains plenty of organic matter, easy to collect, can be used to produce biogas. Livestock excreta can take manual or mechanical cleaning to collect our livestock manure used for fertilizer, some large farms anaerobic fermentation volumes can be used to produce biogas. Produced methane gas emissions from the slag night can also be used for fertilizer. 

(3)municipal solid waste 
Municipal waste means production of emissions containing organic matter in human daily life. At present, China's per capita annual output of garbage is about 450kg, with more than about 9% of the annual rate increments. In China, urban refuse mainly comes from the kitchen residue, waste paper, scrap fabric, plastic, ceramic, tile, etc. The composition of municipal solid waste is greatly different because of consumption level and the region's economic development.

Recently, in China, most of the garbage is land filled. Under the guidance of '' minimization, resource and harmless, "and - more preferential policies, the burning of the production is supported and develops rapidly. Landfill needs occupation of land resources, but can produce biogas. No matter how to deal with the waste, treatment is always necessary, or it would obviously do great harm to the environment.

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