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The Method to Properly Select Right Wood Pellet Mill

Date: 2012/3/3 2:34:02

The Method to Properly Select Right Wood Pellet Mill

Wood pellet machine is biomass wood fuel production equipment. In the purchasing process, customers often encounter many problems; How to buy a wood pellet machine properly is the problem we all care about. 

1. According to their own raw materials to purchase the machine. Different materials make difference in suppressing the production of pellets and machine wear, the required pressure is not the same. We should combine the materials to buy wood pellet machine; for example, the trees in the north are relatively suppressed, like pine; while Southern wood pellets are more difficult to suppress, and the machine failure rate is also high.

2. According to their own production to buy wood pellet machine. The size of different output machines is not the same.  it is suggested to buy their own machines according to their needs,  an exact research can avoid buying the unsuitable machine.

3. Consider the strength of the investigated manufacturers. Many customers examine the equipment through the network, which is a convenient platform. Here we would like to remind customers that a personal look at manufacturers is the best choice. A careful research to the size, processing power of the manufacturers and the after-sales service. It is surely helpful to walk around and watch.

4. To do a peer inspection.  You may look at the functioning of the peer device, the customer experience, to avoid making the same mistakes. 

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