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The Use and Classification of Amisy Feed Pellet Machine

Dateļ¼š 2012/3/3 1:39:14

The Use and Classification of Amisy Feed Pellet Machine

This article tells everyone the scope and classification of  Amisy Feed Pellet Machine .

Feed pellet machine  is one kind of  Amisy mechanical Pellet machine  products. Different from straw pellet machine and wood pellet machine, this feed pellet machine has the specifications of high output, low energy consumption. Amisy mechanical production of feed pellet machine is mainly used in small, medium and large pig factory, chicken farm, and a variety of aquaculture, grain feed, straw feed and other feed mills, individual farmers and small and medium-sized farms, there are also some private clients purchase our feed pellet machine for investment purposes.

The following is the classification of Amisy feed pellet machine
Amisy Machinery’s production of feed pellet machine is divided into the ring  die  feed pellet machine and the flat die feed pellet machine. The difference mainly lies in production, the flat die feed pellet machine production is significantly smaller the yield of the ring mold feed pellet machine; the flat die feed pellet machine is mainly used to produce feed  less than 1 ton , while ring mold feed pellet machine is mainly used for more than one ton ,  ring die feed pellet  is larger than the energy consumption of the flat die feed pellet machine. But stability is better than the flat one, mainly due to the ring mold feed pellet machine with vertical mold  to reduce the mold pressure on granulation.

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