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Impact Factors of Wood Pellet Market

Dateļ¼š 2012/3/3 1:46:14
Impact Factors of Wood Pellet Market

(1) climate impact factors:
Europe and the United States pay more and more attention to the attitude of the biomass energy in last year, more buyers are from Europe, but it is a warm winter in most European countries last year, people mainly used domestic fireplace, so the wood pellet consumption is far less than the purchase of the buyers, resulting in that most of the sawdust particles wholesalers still selling last year's inventory so far, which led to the price of wood pellets dropped significantly this year. The result is the produce cost of wood pellet price in China is higher than the wood pellet price sell in Europe.

(2) the impact of the shipping price:
International environment, oil prices soared from $ 55 / barrel to 95 U.S. dollars / barrel, and the export tax rebate rate down in China fron July, which making the wood pellet supplier all want to catch the latest orders before the tax rebate rate down, other way the international shipping fee is rised over 50% this year, which also increasing the cost of exporters of wood pellet

(3) increase of the competitors:
The intervention of Russia and Eastern European countries as well as foreign large wholesalers have set up their own processing plants in Eastern Europe, and coupled with the geographical advantages of these countries (mainly reflected in the international transport and transport time), convenient transportation and transportation costs relatively low, thus making the European businessmen have to go to these areas to place order.

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