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Vegetable Juicer

Dateļ¼š 2012/3/20 18:51:50

Many people don't like vegetables or even hate them, especially  children; but we all know that there are many nutrients in various kind of vegetables.It is alarming to know that some current illnesses today are caused by lack of fiber and minerals in ones' diet; which are commonly found in vegetables. some people have realized this point and resort to vegetable juice, more over, juice is popular among starting your meal with a glass of added juice is acceptable.
Then we speak of vegetable juicer.Here are two kinds of vegetable juicers.
(1) Centrifugal Vegetable Juicers
It is equipped with round steel grater which can grind vegetables into small parts.then it rotates at a high speed and squeeze juice into a mesh strainer, in this way, the pulp and the juice can be separated easily. 
(2)Auger Vegetable Juicers or “masticating style juicers”
It also divides into the single auger and the twin auger.It extracts juice from the vegetables by chewing, grinding and kneading.It works slowly compared to centrifugal vegetable juicer. because of the slow working, it produces less heat and protects the machine.
In  my opinion, it is necessary for you to have this machine and make your life healthy, so why not take it into consideration?

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