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Notes to Use Wood Crusher Safely

Dateļ¼š 2012/3/16 19:15:07

1.After installation, you should check whether it is fixed firmly; Is the motor shaft parallel to the crusher shaft; And if the conveying belts are tight enough to work.
2.Before starting, turn the rotator to check if it is formal; Is there any collision in the machine; is the rotor running in the right direction; and is the lubrication of wood crusher in good condition.
3.Let the crusher idle for 2 or 3 minutes. Put into the materials if it works normally. The conveying belts should not be changed frequently in case the inappropriate speed; at the same time, the materials should be checked carefully to get rid of metal or stones and avoid accidents.
4.Averagely feeding; if there is noise, high temperature between the shaft and the body or materials leakage, the machine should be stopped immediately to be inspected.
5.When feeding, workers should stand on one side of the machine in case hurt by the rebounded materials. During crushing the long straws, you should not scratch them too tight and avoid hurting your hand. 

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