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Sugarcane Juicer

Dateļ¼š 2012/3/21 19:00:05

Sugarcane juicer has been used for centuries to extract the plant's naturally sweet juice for consumption and the production of sugar, cane syrup or molasses. Since sugar cane juice is a very sweet unrefined carbohydrate, it has become one of the most popular vegetable juice drinks nowadays. Besides, nutritionists believe the organic juice extracted from sugarcane can boost an individual's immune response to disease and soothing the upset digestive tract.

It is reported that the earliest sugarcane was produced in India and China. In the eighth century, there were large-scale trade of sugarcane and its sweet nectar through the tropical regions along the coast of the Mediterranean. Most countries suitable for planting sugarcane or near to the market began growing and harvesting sugarcane to meet the new commercial needs. Generally, the demand for the natural sweetener grew quickly At that time, it was manual power that extracted the sugarcane and produced cane syrup, molasses to the market.

With the interest of sugarcane and its by-products, the planting area had been expanded to western Atlantic. Then the plantation appeared and slaves are employed to plant, harvest, extract and refine sugarcane. Driven by swelling interest, plantation owners soon realized that the fibrous plant could be mass produced by stem cutting a bud and hand planting the section of sugarcane stalk. Therefore, the large output made the mule become the major power.

Today, sugar cane juice has become a healthy alternative to more popular sports drinks and artificial sodas. Researchers have found, when exercising or participating in a physical activity, sugarcane juice is more efficient and effective in maintaining glycogen levels in the muscles than energy drinks or sodas containing refined sugars. In addition, many fruit and vegetable juice drinkers believe sugarcane juice provides many other positive health benefits for aiding the body's immune system and promoting natural healing.

So prepare a sugarcane juicer, it will make your life healthier.

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