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Pellet Mill

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Pellet Mill

Here are the main types of pellet mills and the composition of starting material which can be used for pellet.

Saw Dust Pellets
Starting material: Saw dust
Usage: Pellet Heating
a. Pine or spruce percentage at least 50%: It can be directly pressed into pellets.
b. Portion of pine or spruce less than 50%: For stable pellet it needs to add 0.2-2% corn or patato starch. (Total moisture content 12-15%)

Straw-Pellets, Hay-Pellets, Miscanthus-Pellets
Starting material: Straw, Hay, Miscanthus (chopped)
Usage: Pellet-Heating, Animal Bedding, Feed
Mixture: directly (Moisture 12-15%)

Starting material: Straw, Hay, other feed (chopping)
Usage: Animal Bedding, Feed
Mixture: directly (Total Moisture Content 12-15%)

Fertilizer Pellets
Starting material: Manure, Straw/Hay (chopped)
Usage: Fertilization
Mixture: approximately equal proportion (Total Moisture Content 12-15%

Saw dust and saw dust pellets Saw dust and saw dust pellets

cereals and cereals pellets  Cereals and cereals pellets

Hay and hay pellets  Hay and hay pellets

paper and paper pellets  Paper and paper pellets

Straw and straw pellets   Straw and straw pellets

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