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China's Latest Organic Fertilizer Equipment Market Analysis

Date: 2012/3/3 2:33:44

China's Latest Organic Fertilizer Equipment Market Analysis

    Over the past decade, organic fertilizer equipment market in China has been running rapidly. With an eye to the major organic fertilizer equipment company and agriculture machinery market, China’s agriculture market will maintain rapid growth. From February to August, China’s large and medium-sized tractors have been sold 253,000 units, an increase of 18.65%; 75 enterprises who produce harvester machinery have made 356,000 units of the production and harvesting machinery, an increase of 15%; the amount of sold transplanter has reached 62,000 units, an increase of 12.3%. Next year will China's agricultural market continue to be strong?

Large-scaled machineries’ demand slow down and small ones develop fast
     With the acceleration of Chinese industrial structure adjustment in agriculture field and land circulation speed, in 2012, large-scale agricultural machinery will still be extended to  agriculture machinery with greater horsepower segment. In Xinjiang, Heilongjiang and other places, the agriculture machinery is developing towards large-scaled ones which seem as trend. Take large tractors as an example, in recent years, large tractor roughly grow up to about 11 horsepower each year. The hot selling 90 series of large tractors last year have been relegated to the "second line" this year to give way to the 100 series of larger horsepower tractors. 
     Overall, in 2012 the power machinery, harvesting machinery market will remain a good momentum, but the increasing range is likely to slow down.  The demand in some traditional market appears a downward trend, for example, wheat farming and harvesting have been basically mechanized, thus the market demand is mainly from the update.

    Update includes not only scale but also brands diversity. There are success and failures on operation. Here we analyze a successful multi-brand organic fertilizer equipment operator.
     A complete brand contains product and corporate image. Products are the backbone of the brand, only by launching a steady stream of competitive products, can an organic fertilizer equipment companies maintain the brand. The most common problems in the operation of the multi-brand organic fertilizer equipment companies is homogenization among different devices, resulting in conflicts between different brand products in the market, therefore, high-quality and innovative products is the basis of a multi-brand operation.  In the process of a multi-brand operation, we must find the difference of different brand devices; that is, new organic fertilizer equipment must be endowed with new contents instead of just making profit to attract customers.  According to this thought, our company has produced new technology products such as organic fertilizer production line package of equipment, organic fertilizer granulating machine, disc granulator, etc; these products have been improved a lot and achieved great results.

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