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How to Produce Floating Fish Feed

Dateļ¼š 2012/3/9 2:27:34

Speaking of fish feed production process, we should have a better understanding of it. Here is the producing line: raw-materials-cleaning-mixing ingredients-slightly crushed-mixed with water-expanded granulation-drying, cooling-packaging. The length of the crushed granulation is 0.5mm, in this way, it is good to puff the materials, and improve the utilization of raw nutrients. Mixed with water is a critical step. The moisture of raw material should be controlled between 20%-30%; if it is too low, raw material is difficult to puff , likely to clog; the moisture is too high, raw materials is likely to insufficient puff, and affects molding. Therefore, the water add should be appropriate.
The following are some factors that influence puffing: the water and starch quantity, puffing temperature and the pressure, the distribution of raw material, the speed of extruder. Especially the first two factors influence the puffing effect greatly. In the processing production, we should take all these factors into consideration and produce high quality floating puffing fish feed.