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The Difference Between Wood Pellet Machine and Feed Pellet Machine

Dateļ¼š 2012/3/5 18:21:03

The Difference Between Wood Pellet Machine and Feed Pellet Machine

Pellet mill
industry rose over 10 years ago. At that time, the new type feed pellet machine took the leading part, because many feed manufacturers need to suppress the feed powder into pellets. On the one hand, feed pellets are convenient to store; on the other hand, feed particles are easy for animal to digest and absorb. Thus, feed pellet mill is popular among farmers during those days. Its hot selling lead to a large number of feed pellet machine manufacturers.

In recent years, with the state advocacy of low carbon environment protection, more and more areas began to abandon traditional burning materials such as coal, and switched to wood chips or straw particles which considered as new energy. It was the large-scale power plant that demanded a large number of wood pellets, which seemed in short supply. In this situation, wood pellet machine was best selling for quite a period of time. In order to pursue business interests, many of the traditional feed particle machine manufacturers abandoned the basic responsibility to sell feed particle machine to the user for suppressing sawdust particles. However, wood pellet feed particles is much lighter, and the lamination is much more difficult than the feed particles, so it is difficult for feed particle machine to suppress wood pellets; besides, the pressure required is higher, the machine life is short. We would like to remind you that when purchase particle machine, be sure to make it clear what kind of pellet mill it is.

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