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Prospective Analysis of The Manure Organic Fertilizer Equipment

Dateļ¼š 2012/3/3 1:36:30

Prospective Analysis of The Manure Organic Fertilizer Equipment

A brief introduction of organic chicken manure fertilizer equipment 

Only a few simple steps to make your chicken farm in the garbage into organic fertilizer or feed, manure organic fertilizer equipment can  help you create more effective and form a virtuous circle.


The organic fertilizer equipment uses two sets of mixer, according to the formula of N, P, K, additives, trace elements and other input mixer to work. Two mixers work alternatively, stir and put on the belt conveyor to ensure the accuracy of the formula continuous production. Hopper feed opening flush with the ground and reduce labor intensity.


The organic fertilizer and equipment select s a horizontal grinder, which can not only crush the large particles in the raw materials to improve the system into a ball rate but also make the material well mixed.


In the production of organic fertilizer granulation, the choice of method  is very important. There are a variety of ways such as  disc, drum, squeezing . These methods all have their advantages and disadvantages. Disc granulator granulates particles uniform, stable performance and with long life. It produces not only the production of organic fertilizer but also  inorganic fertilizer and organic and inorganic fertilizer, the process selects the disc pelletizer.


After the material has formed , the pellet of water and strength is not up to standard, so it must be dried. The organic fertilizer equipment is an internal rotating cylinder covered with lifting type copy board, under its effect, the material is fully raised to exchange with hot air. The temperature of the material has been raised, including water due to the temperature and steam pressure will quickly spread out, diffuse out of the water and be taken away by the wind, so as to dry material and increase the strength. 

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